Remote registration

Our private label dating platform is perfect for people who wish to integrate a dating service into their existing website. With Private Label Dating, you can use our flexible remote registration platform to allow your users to log in once and access all of the different parts of your site with a single account.

By gathering information from your members, we are able to generate a profile that has already been populated with their information so that they do not need to go through the signup process a second time. Simply add an option to add dating profile information, and your users will receive an email with their account details to your linked Private Label Dating site. They need only to click the activation link, and they will be automatically logged in on the private label dating site to finalize their profile details and start searching for matches.

You can even host the entire registration process by simply adding a registration code to the metadata of your portal page. With Private Label Dating, the control is in your hands.

Please contact our support team for more details and setup.