External Marketing tools

Banners and text links

At Private Label Dating, we seek to provide you with tools that help you do everything you need to make your site a success. For this reason, we give you a wide range of marketing tools, banners and ads that help you promote your site across the internet.

With tracking codes, all of your text links and banner advertisements report invaluable statistics back to your analysis tools, allowing you to see how your campaign is performing in real time.


XML site maps

Private label dating sites created through Private Label Dating have a dynamically genreated XML site map that helps to optimize your site for search engine indexing.

Robots TXT file editing

The Robots.txt file is a useful tool for teaching search engine crawlers how to correctly navigate your site. With our administration tools, you can customize this file to fit your needs, or contact our support team for advice on what changes to make.

Meta-tags management

Metatags can help describe the key features of your site to engines to ensure that it appears on relevant queries.


RSS-feeds on the front page

Our full HTML editor allows you to easily add RSS feeds from your favorite external sources to your homepage, giving your private label dating site any number of options for dynamically updated content.


Additional static pages

You can easily add pages with new static information to direct members or serve as landing pages for optimisation purposes.