Dating Niches

Research published in top magazines such as REVOLUTION has indicated that the new trend in web services is targeted niche communities. To accomodate this growing field in private label dating, our platform has been built from the ground up to make customized experiences easy to set up and manipulate.

There are several reasons for positive response of users on niche sites:

Trust the Website – 32 %

Engaging content – 34%

Personal connection -24%

It is extremely important for web businesses to build a specialized community that engages their customers and appeals to search engine optimization. As the web continues to grow in size, search visibility is a key factor in whether or not a private label dating site will receive traffic from the most common way internet users locate new web services. Many people have come to expect sites which are tailored to their specific interests, making niche private label dating sites the ideal way to attract these new visitors. Selecting a special interest or geographic region for your intended users will help these customers find profiles which are attractive and relevant to their interests, increasing your signups and subscriptions.

Furthermore, the clickthrough rate on niche private label dating sites tends to be 35% higher compared to the wider internet community, due in part to the ability of ad servers to send content which fits the unique interests of your users.

Private Label Dating promotes sites that meet the needs of both our affiliates and our users, making them the ideal private label dating services.

For the members of the site:

  • targeted niche web content
  • database of likeminded people to instantly connect with
  • Easy lay out and informative dynamic content of the site that engages relevant interests and increases retention

For the affiliates/partners

  • Choice of the best converting niches on the market
  • Ability to create many more new niches
  • Easy content management to keep your site unique and search engine friendly
  • Members data base to pre-populate each niche site
  • Flexible payment options to appeal to different markets
  • Multilingual web interface
  • Extensive statistics to track your marketing campaigns and see which niche converts the best
  • Instant cross selling opportunities to maximize your member’s value

For the 3d party advertisers

  • Easy manageable banner system
  • Extensive statistic reports
  • Highly converting targeted web audience
  • User behaviour targeted advertising network