How to Properly Layout Your White Label Dating Site

A white label dating site layout can have a very big impact on its overall appeal to its visitors. Generally, people look at the entire page of a website starting from the upper left part of the page down to the lower right part. By strategically placing your contents on the right places, you should be able to effectively market your website. Wordings and letterings are also very important. Capitalize and bold them so the visitors can easily spot them. Also provide some sort of navigation system to your website. This way, visitors can easily click to go to one page after another.

A picture in your white label dating website can also do wonders in its customer appeal. A picture is worth a thousand words and posting something that it highly relevant to your site and the kind of service that you offer can bring in thousands of visitors. You can either use a picture that will show the benefits of your service or one that will call for an action from them. Placing this above the fold has proven to be the most effective. Also include a small description of it or a link to a relevant reading material. The entire page in itself should grab attention and entice a site visitor to stay and browse.

If you are having some difficulty in lay outing your white label dating website, try coming up with various designs and individually set them up with your promotional campaigns. Give them a test run with your PPC campaigns and other optimization methods and determine which among them gives a good market value. Also, if you are new in this field, pick out a dating platform that will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to get started. By utilizing this, you will have a bigger chance at succeeding in the online dating business and even at surpassing your competitors.

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