Which Dating Affiliate Program Should I Choose?

300 Creative Dates is a dating affiliate program that is a product of Clickbank. This is very different with all the other dating guides on the internet today since it only offers with an eBook that contains dozens of date ideas. This way, you will not have to worry about promises that could potentially be broken. This program offers 68 percent commission although the amount of money that will make will depend on the package that you actually sell. The affiliate package is very extensive with banners, articles, graphics, keywords, text ads, error pages, a free eBook, and other affiliate resources.

The Easyflirt is system of dating websites that run their own dating affiliate program. Affiliates can choose on the website that they want to promote and advertise. Their dating websites can go from general dating services to those that provide services for niche dating. Affiliates can earn up to $150 dollars with every sale that they make, depending on the website they have chosen. They can also get their hands on promotional tools and other packages. The stick rate of the customers of Easyflirt can last between 4 to 6 months, although there are offers that are based on subscriptions.


DatingHeadshots is not the average online dating service that is offered by dating affiliate program. In fact, it is completely different because it does not exactly offer to give dates to people. Rather, looking at the point of view of the customer, it is a website where they can find photographers that will take a perfect headshot picture of them to use as a picture for a dating website profile. Affiliates are can earn 10% of every sale that they make and will give you access to flash and image banners along with some SEO content. Payments are given to the affiliates once in a month.

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