Work from home

Private Label Dating provides excellent opportunities for those seeking to start their own business. The sites we host for our affiliates can be managed completely over the internet, allowing them to work from home and still turn a sizable profit. Our program has created many successful private label dating businesses with individuals who had no experience prior to partnering with us, making us confident that we can give you all the knowledge you need to succeed.
Our system is built with you in mind.


Instant Fully customizable dating templates

Our private label dating platform makes it simple to edit content and add new pages that give your site a custom look and feel. You can choose from one of our existing templates to quickly launch a site without any scripting experience, or work with the raw HTML of your site and make changes that are completely within your control.
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Banners and text links

We provide all of our private label dating affiliates with a set of professional-grade banners and text advertisements that help them to generate revenue by posting links on other existing sites and services.
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Private Label Dating uses a database that has been specially designed to allow for integration between our many affiliates. When you start your new private label dating site, your first users will already have access to thousands of relevant profiles brought in by other sites similar to your own. With our clever niche filtering technology, you can control which specific profiles will be conveyed to your users.
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Affiliate Commission Structure

We understand that starting a new digital business can be a nerve-wracking venture. To help relieve the stress of this process, we offer all of our affiliates three months of automatic inclusion among our highest tier of earners who have brought in the most traffic of the best quality. This gives you time to focus on setting up your site and forming the best community possible for your users.
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Niche communities are a ubiquitous phenomenon on the internet. To anticipate the growing trend of niche dating communities, Private Label Dating has built a database system that gives our affiliates complete control over how and to whom they market their private label dating site. We give our members the ability to choose from a wide variety of niches when they design their sites, applying filters such as geographical location, age, and special interest.
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Private Label Dating is a strong promoter of multilingual communities, and to this end we employ professional translators who will help manually localize your site to target audiences who speak English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, or any other language you may request.
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Analytics and statistics

Analytic tools are a vital asset to analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns and devising strategies that will maximize your earning potential. With the tools we provide to all of our private label dating sites, you can receive real time information about your users’ behavior and viewing habits.
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Pricing and currencies

Private Label Dating uses a powerful e-commerce system that allows you to set flexible pricing and payment options for your private label dating site. Using IP-targeting technologies, our backend will automatically convert prices into the local standard of your customers and allow you to remain competitive in these markets.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Our private label dating sites come with a free group subscription to many third party advertising services, such as Clickbank and Adsense. By installing these services on your site, you can receive additional revenue from the ad impressions made by all of your visitors, helping you earn money even from first-time unregistered guests.

Profiles you attract to your site can be contacted automatically to remind them the benefits of pursuing a subscription membership. With the information provided by our powerful analytic tools, you can see a breakdown on the effectiveness of your various marketing strategies and determine the main sources of your revenue. Our tools have a familiar look and feel that makes them easy to use even for first-time members.
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External marketing tools

Private Label Dating grants all of our affiliates a wide variety of syndication services that help to promote their sites, including RSS feeds and XML member feeds, an XML site map, meta-tag editing, and professional banners and text links that help increase your visibility.
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Search Engine Optimization is a highly specialized field of marketing that requires special training. If you are unfamiliar with popular SEO techniques, we can gladly refer you to one of our many marketing partners who will help you build a strong business plan for your site.

Conversely, if you are trained in this skill, our platform provides low-level control you can use to edit your site and make it fully optimized with all the custom pages and content you need.
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Customer support

All of our affiliates benefit from White Label Dating Solution’s extensive customer support system. Users of your private label dating site will have access to staff who are prepared to answer their questions without any additional hiring on your part.
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Technical support

At Private Label Dating, we value all of our customers. We have a technical support team who is always ready to provide you with answers to any questions you may have about your private label dating site.
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Forums are a great way to attract new members and help them establish a strong relationship with your site. All of our private label dating sites come equipped with a fully featured forum that streamlines this communication and helps break down barriers between your users and you.
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User blogs allow your members to post their individual opinions and share their feelings, generating dynamic content that will increase your search rankings and attract even more new visitors to your site.
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News feeds

News feed subscriptions allow our affiliates to learn about all of the latest trends in private label dating, helping them to gain an edge and remain ahead of their competitors.
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Private Label Dating wants to help all of our affiliates grow into successful businesses. To this end, we provide all of our members with a comprehensive set of tutorials that help them gain their footing in the private label dating industry.
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