Private Label Dating seeks to lower the economic and technological barriers to operating a private label dating business, opening the market to a wider range of potential members. To support this, we have developed a viable technology with extensive back-end support to allow you to focus on the marketing of your individual site. Our goal is to provide you the freedom you need to concentrate on promoting your own ideas and brand into the world of private label dating.


Instant Fully customizable dating template websites

Our websites pair full customizability with powerful editing tools to give our affiliates the ability to build unique websites even without a great deal of HTML or web programming knowledge. Advanced developers still have unrestricted access to the HTML of their private label dating sites, allowing them complete control over how their site looks and operates.
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Banners and text links

We grant all affiliates a complete set of professional-quality advertisements and image banners to allow them to promote their site immediately after launch.
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Your own dating affiliate program

As your site grows and you begin pulling in a larger number of subscribers, you may be invited to join the Platinum Partner program. Upon becoming a Master Affiliate in this program, you will have access to your own private label dating affiliate network. This will allow you to sponsor your own affiliates with their sites and campaigns, receving a portion of the revenue they generate from customers brought in to the Private Label Dating network.
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External marketing tools

Private Label Dating provides everything necessary for your site to quickly grow into a full-fledged private label dating service: banners, RSS feeds, XML site maps and member feeds, and many other features are built-in aspects of our powerful platform, meaning they can be deployed by our affiliates with no extra development time or cost.
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Our advanced database architecture allows Private Label Dating affiliates to have a populated database from the day of their launch. With access to our extensive global profile network, users on your private label dating site will see thousands of new members every day. Our intelligent niche filtering will even ensure that only relevant profiles are passed through to your service.
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Private Label Dating has a rich history of success in internet marketing. We understand that profitability requires a clearly defined target customer base, and for this reason our private label dating platform has highly developed tools for niche selection and targeting. The controllers for our database feature a flexible design that is easy to optimize for any number private label dating genres. You can choose from our vast selection of pre-built niches, or describe your own and have us develop a custom filter for your site.
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Analytics and statistics

Sites built through Private Label Dating feature a custom analytics service that produces information on the volume and quality of traffic coming through your private label dating site which is updated in real time. Our internal reports can also be supplemented with a third party analytics tool like Google Analytics for additional information about the specific habits of your customer base.
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Affiliate commission structure

Private label dating sites often struggle in the first few months to build a successful online community. To help ease the burden of this difficult period, Private Label Dating grants all customers three months of automatic inclusion in our highest performance bracket for commission levels, ensuring that you receive maximum revenue while establishing your site.
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The Private Label Dating platform is built to be highly responsive to multilingual communities. You can have your site professionally translated into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, or any other language known by our staff of fluent speakers.
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Pricing and currencies

The money management system used by Private Label Dating is built to be extremely versatile. In addition to supporting multiple currencies, the private label dating sites generated by our affiliates can set their own prices and choose which payment methods they wish to accept. By using IP targeting, they can even set prices by region or country to make themselves more competitive in those markets.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

A Private Label Dating website includes all the tools necessary to launch a full-scale marketing campaign, in addition to flexible advertising placement for internal and external pages of your site. With the use of a third party service such as Clickbank or Adsense, you can receive revenue from all banner impressions made, even from guests who have not yet registered. Because Private Label Dating has an affiliate network, we can even leverage special group advertising rates which help you earn even more.

When a new profile is registered in your database, we can automatically send them specially targeted messages to encourage them to upgrade to a subscription-grade membership, earning you monthly revenue. Our special e-CRM toolkit provides you everything you need to assess the characteristics of your memberbase and make informed decisions about how to better tailor your site to improve your average user’s experience. Our tools are built to resemble other widely used web applications, making them familiar even from the first time you use them.
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Effective on-page and off-page search engine optimization is one of the most powerful and most efficient ways to increase traffic to your site. The Private Label Dating platform is designed to be SEO friendly, making it easy to customize your content to maximize your position in search results. Full HTML editing even allows you to optimize site structure at the tag level, with no additional resource cost.
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Including forums on your site allows your community to provide direct feedback about their site experience and fosters discussions that can help attract new members. Our private label dating service comes equipped with a fully featured discussion forum that you can set up to promote these discussions and provide additional subscription benefits.
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Having a blog on your private label dating site allows your members to feel that they have a personal investment in your site, greatly improving customer retention rate. Private Label Dating gives you everything you need to set up such a service easily and quickly.
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News feeds

Our news feed is a useful tool for providing aggregate data about recent trends in private label dating and updates to the Private Label Dating platform. Use this data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of competitiors in adopting new strategies first.
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Our private label dating service is perfect for webmasters just starting out and want more information about how to efficiently manage their site. We provide a wide range of tutorials from marketing specialists and other top affiliates which share their views on how to use our tools to get ahead in the private label dating industry.
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Customer support

Private Label Dating has a dedicated team of support technicians who provide 24/7 customer support to all our affiliates. Your site will be constantly monitored and secured, meaning you do not need to hire extra staff to keep your site running smoothly.
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Technical support

We value all of our customers, whether they be new recruits to the program or some of our top affiliates. No matter the problem, we are always waiting and ready to answer questions you may have at any time.
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