Social Networks

Our private label dating service is not limited to dating sites alone — Private Label Dating is also the ideal platform for social networking. Our sites combine versatile content sharing options with powerful security features to provide users with everything they need to feel comfortable building relationships. Add dating functionality to your existing social network and see your community flourish.


Remote registration

Our private label dating service is designed to streamline the experience for both you and your users. The registration process is instant, lowering the barriers to entry and maximizing the number of returning visitors your site will capture, allowing you to build a sizable customer base with little active effort.
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Private Label Dating has a great number of customization features which make it ideal for targeted communities. By rebuilding the database of your site to fit your individual needs, we ensure that your users receive updates with the greatest relevance to their interests. We already have templates for a wide range of popular special interests, and are always willing to add more.
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Banners and text links

Your social networking site can also benefit from Private Label Dating’ many ad integration features. Direct traffic from your current sites to your private label dating site using the professional-quality banners we provide to all new affiliates, and build a userbase quickly from your existing network.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Every one of Private Label Dating’ affiliates is given access to a private e-CRM toolkit, granting them an even greater degree of control over their site. Quickly monetize your private label dating service by using these tools to create internal marketing campaigns for your established members, giving them relevant advertisements and subscription reminders. The platform we employ is fully compatible with industry leading PPI, PPC, and PPA campaign services such as Adsense and Clickbank, allowing you to choose the technology you find most comfortable.

Our e-CRM tools also provide advanced analytic reporting, making it easy to determine the effectiveness of the campaigns you run. With an interface inspired by industry leading analytic software, many of our affiliates find our tools to be highly intuitive. Additionally, our private label dating sites allow you to inject your google analytics tracking codes for pages where you wish to receive detailed information, giving you access to even more impression data.
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Easy payment options

Private label dating sites using our platform are powered by a flexible commerce system. Even members without access to credit cards will have multiple payment methods available to purchase your subscription benefits, including direct bank transfers and SMS payments.
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Private Label Dating employs a professional staff of multilingual technicians who excel in translation services. For this reason, our private label dating platform is among the most well-suited for sites with a strong international presence. We employ fluent speakers of English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, and Dutch, and are willing to open positions for any other language upon request.
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Our private label dating service uses a secure network of software and hardware redundancies which enable us to promise uptime even in the event of a server outage. With multiple data centers powered by high bandwidth connections and located in separate locations, Private Label Dating is sure to provide you with optimal browsing speed for all your visitors. We have engineers working around the clock to provide the customers of our affiliates with a 99.9% uptime.
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Affiliate commission structure

White Label Dating Services uses a tier-structured system of commission for reimbursing our affiliates, paying as much as 65% of the profits directly to you. Even better, we offer automatic inclusion in the top tier for the first three months of affiliate status, giving you time to build a self-sustaining community. After this grace period, your individual tier will be determined by the volume and quality of traffic you bring in to our private label dating network.
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Social networks thrive on the presence of discussion. With Private Label Dating, you receive a fully-featured forum platform in addition to your private label dating site, giving you an excellent opportunity to further promote community and receive direct feedback from your members.
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Each member on a Private Label Dating website has access to their own personal blog, allowing them to share personal stories with other members of your site.
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