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Private Label Dating sites provide search engine optimization tailored to the latest trends in web development and design. Dynamic content, a flexible, well-connected web 2.0 architecture, and extensive analytic reporting to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve maximum visibility.


White label dating platform

Private Label Dating has editing capabilites that allow you to completely customize the content of your pages. By using your own keywords in the content and domain of your site and embedding tracking scripts as you desire, you can built a site that is completely optimized to your target phrases.
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Instant Fully customizable Template websites

Unlike many other private label dating services which use masking and redirection to pool hits towards their central domain, all pages of your Private Label Dating site will use your own URL. You have complete control over the content and layout of your site, while still benefiting from our many premade tools and services.
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We understand that getting new incoming traffic is one of the most important metrics for a successful site. For this reason, our private label dating platform has many unique features that make it search engine friendly. It is easy to add meta tags, keywors, alt descriptions, and keywords to the content to all the internal pages of your site, boosting your search ranking to ensure that you can be found by your target market.

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External marketing tools

Our private label dating sites come with an entire suite of marketing tools which will help you establish a strong presence on the web. With professional banners and textlinks, automatically updated feeds, and meta tag editing tools, you have everything you need to launch an effective marketing campaign right on the site.
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Private Label Dating employs translators in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch, who can be contacted for manual localization of your site. We are always adding new staff members to help ensure you receive top quality translations.
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With a fully featured forum, your private label dating site will have even more opportunities for dynamic content generation. Attact new users with compelling discussions that help your community thrive and increase your search engine ranking at the same time.
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User blogs allow your members to share thoughts and reflections whenever they feel the need. With this special feature, your private label dating site can attract even more visitors as they come to read member blogs as well as make use of the match search functionality.

Affiliate commission structure

Private Label Dating understands how difficult it can be for new digital businesses to get started. To help with these troubles, we offer all new affiliates an automatic membership in our highest performing bracket for three months, maximizing the amount of recompensation you receive for inbound traffic.
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