Niche Communities

Private Label Dating provides the first private label dating platform that has been built from the ground up to truly support the needs of niche dating services. Our sites come equipped with all the tools you need to create a truly immersive experience for members of your special interest community. With our advanced targeting technology, your private label dating site will receive the greatest number of potential members, allowing you to maximize your revenue and manage your budget more effectively.



As content has exploded on the web, users have come to expect increasingly specialized content in the sites they browse. For this reason, it has become important for web developers launching new sites to specifically target specific niche communities. This is even more important with private label dating sites, and for this reason Private Label Dating has spent a great deal of time refining the niche logic of our database to provide you with maximally relevant content for all sites you launch through us.
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Discussion forums are a vital component of a healthy private label dating community. By enabling our forum on your private label dating site, you can help promote activity in your members and receive direct feedback on the campaigns and features you have chosen to include.
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Private Label Dating sites come equipped with all the tools needed to launch a blog linked to your dating site. With this powerful feature, you can add dynamic content to your site from directly within our private label dating platform.
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Private label dating sites powered by Private Label Dating have unique database-driven logic which helps filter out the profiles from our extended network to provide your users with the most relevant results. This allows you to receive traffic that suits your niche from across our entire private label dating network, giving your members an active and thriving community from the very first day.
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Many private label dating niches attract clients with a strong desire for privacy. For this reason, our databases are hardened with advanced security features to help protect your users. Private Label Dating is registered with Swiss Data Protection Act, meaning that your customers’ information will never be shared or sold. Upon request, we will even establish a private database for your site to minimize contact with members outside your community.
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Website content management

Multi-faceted content is a necessary feature for private label dating sites looking to attract new members. For this reason, White Label dating Solutions provides all of our affiliates with the power to add or edit pages from their dating site at will.
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Niche-based private label dating communities often receive high traffic from search engines. Our platform contains a great number of search engine optimizations which will boost your site to the highest page rank it can achieve. With the content and full HTML editing provided by our private label dating platform, you can even add your own optimization to further improve your traffic.

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Pricing and currencies

Our private label dating platform uses a flexible billing system that has the power to operate in multiple currencies. Select your own pricing policies and payment methods from among our wide range of supported technologies to ensure that your users always have an available and discrete method to subscribe to your services.
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Affiliate commission structure

Establishing a new private label dating site often comes with a great deal of stress during the initial community building phase. To alleviate this burden, Private Label Dating will grant you a grace period of three months during which you will receive the highest level of commission we offer from your site’s revenue, giving you time to build traffic with high quality and volume.
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