Media companies (tv, radio, publishers)

As traditional media companies have adapted to new digital outlets, online media has grown to be an effective complement for campaigns run on radio, TV, and magazine outlets. Our private label dating platform is the perfect addition to a traditional media campaign to help bolster your brand’s recognition among customers. With special niche targeting technologies, we can help you ensure that your customers receive the most enjoyable experience possible.Contact us to discuss the product that suits you.


White label dating platform

Private Label Dating employs a state of the art design that allows us to meet all of your required specifications. With tools that make it easy for your website to stand out, we can confidently bring you the best private label dating services on the market, attracting a wide audience to your own indiviual brand.
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Private Label Dating has tight integration between our affiliates, allowing us to pass relevant member profiles between sites to maximize their potential matches. Your customers will have access to thousands of new members every day.
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Our niche-targeting filters allow you to customize the way you access our user database, selecting only the profiles that are relevant to your target audience. You can choose from among our many available pre-built niches, or describe one to us and have us build your own.
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Affiliate commission structure

We understand that it can be difficult to build a new digital community from scratch. For this reason, we give you three months of automatic membership in the highest commission bracket we offer while you are attempting to generate a stable customer base. This gives you time to concentrate on generating regular high-quality traffic while still turning a profit.
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Website content management

From day one, you have complete contrl over the look and feel of your site. Our private label dating platform has an intuitive content management system which makes it simple to edit the layout and content of an existing page or generate a new one.
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Web forums can be an invaluable tool for generating discussion about the product or service you offer. The full-featured forum include in every Private Label Dating site has everything needed for members to jump in immediately and start sharing their opinions.
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With user blogs, your private label dating site can become a powerful tool to further promote your brand through user submitted content that increases your site’s visibility.
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Private Label Dating employs a wide range of translators who can provide manual localization services in a variety of languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. We are always willing to bring on new staff to help with another language you may need.
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Currencies and pricing

Our private label dating service comes packaged with a flexible payment system which allows you to provide billing options in a range of prices and currencies that suit your audience.
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Banners and text links

We provide all of our affiliates with a set of professional-grade banners and supplies to help them launch an effective advertisement campaign to promote their site.
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Dating affiliate program

Affiliates of Private Label Dating who show particular skill in bringing in high quality traffic to our private label dating network may find themselves invited to become Platinum Partners of our Master Affiliate Program. These special individuals receive their own site to recruit new partners arranged under their site. Any members brought in through this referral program will earn you additional revenue simply through their participation in the Private Label Dating network.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Private Label Dating provides all of our affiliates with everything they need to establish effective internal advertising campaigns, including text ads and banners.

By placing third party advertisements from services like Clickbank and Adsense on the pages of your site, you can earn revenue from every page impression users make as they explore your site’s content. The special group rates we are able to offer our members extend this revenue far beyond what would be capable with an individual account through one of these third party organizations.

Members can also be contacted automatically with notifications set up through our e-CRM system. These special announcements remind them of the many benefits available by becoming a full subscriber to your site, encouraging them to provide you with a steady stream of income. We even provide tools that allow you to analyze the effectiveness of various marketing strategies in real time. With a familiar interface inspired by the leading traffic statistic tools, these services are easy to use from day one.
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With fully redundant hardware and software, we are able to offer an incredible degree of stability for the sites of our affiliates. We have server farms spread across multiple data centers in separate locations, ensuring that all of your users will receive the optimal connection to your site.
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Customer support

With a Private Label Dating site, you also receive a dedicated customer support team that manages service requests from your users around the clock. No extra hiring is required to provide your site with professional support.
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