Internet Marketing Companies

Private Label Dating provides a service that integrates seamlessly with other services you offer. Vendors of everything from internet marketing services to online goods and travel opportunities find that our private label dating platform is the perfect addition to promoting their service.


White label dating websites

Unlike many other white label dating networks, an affiliate of Private Label Dating promotes their very own brand. This allows you to build customer loyalty towards all the services you offer.
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Instant fully customizable dating template websites

Our private label dating platform has been built from the ground up to offer the latest and greatest in web features, providing our affiliates with full editing capability for their site. This places the look and feel of your site completely within your hands.
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Banners and text links

Private Label Dating has a wide variety of advertising tools which are granted to all of our affiliates. Upon joining our private label dating network, you will be provided a full set of professional banners and text advertisements to help establish your site.
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Our sites are specially designed to help aid in niche targeting. By applying customizing filters to our databaase, we can ensure that the results your members receive have the highest relevance to their own special interests. Whether you wish to choose from our extensive library of pre-optimzed niches or suggest your own, we are willing to help you any way we can to help you build a customer base who can maximize your earning potential and benefit from all of the services you offer.
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External marketing tools

All of our private label dating solutions sites come equipped with a wide array of marketing tools which make it easy to promote the site and quickly build a member base. Tools such as RSS and XML feeds, site maps, meta tags, and more assure that you will receive a site that is optimized for search indexing from the first day.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Private Label Dating offers an exclusive suite of tools to help with the marketing of your private label dating site. In addition to a set of professional banners and advertisements for your initial ad campaign, we provide you tools for the internal monetization of your site. It is easy to integrate a wide variety of third party advertising services such as Clickbank and Adsense to earn your site revenue from ad impressions. Furthermore, because Private Label Dating negotiates deals across our entire private label dating network, you enjoy special group rates and promotions.
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Analytics and statistics

The management panel equipped to our private label dating platform provides extensive data on the behavior of your users and visitors. You can view reports in real time that ensure your advertisement campaigns reach their maximum level of efficiency, or have compiled reports sent to your email periodically.
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Affiliates commission structure

Private Label Dating understands how difficult it can be to start your own business. For this reason, we are proud to offer a three month grace period to all new affiliates, during which they will receive automatic inclusion among our highest performing bracket and the maximum rate of recompensation.
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