Existing Dating Sites

Private Label Dating has a modular design which allows it to easily match the functionality of your existing dating site. By switching to our private label dating platform you give us the responsibility for maintaining the mechanics of your site, allowing you to spend more time focused on building your community and making money online. In addition to a professional support team with 24/7 availability, affiliates of Private Label Dating receive constant updates which allow them to stay on top of the latest developments in online dating research. We work with you at every stage as you nurture your online community.


White label platform

Our white label dating platform is unique among private label dating providers. We offer our affiliates total control over the look and feel of their sites, with many optional features that showcase the best of new trends in online dating. With Private Label Dating, you are creating your own image rather than building over our own.

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Activity level is one of the most important features for prospective members of a new dating service. Private Label Dating affiliates cannot be beat in this regard — with the tight integration of our private label dating database, your subscribers will have access to relevant profiles from across our sites from the day you launch. This larger potential pool of matches will increase your user conversion rate far beyond what would be possible with an independent site.
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Unlike many hosts, Private Label Dating uses a fully redundant array of hardware and software to manage our sites. With highspeed data centers around the globe, we are able to offer our affiliates the best browsing speed for all of their members. We have a dedicated support team who works 24/7 to ensure 99.9% uptime to all our affilites, with a licensed email delivery system which ensures all email notifications related to your site make it to your users securely.
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Private Label Dating is perfectly suited for private label dating entrepeneurs who seek to target particular niches. By setting up your site using our white label dating technology, you ensure that you receive the highest level of optimization for search indexing of your site.

Our database system features a high degree of adaptability, allowing you to request customizations which will maximize the relevance of results which are returned to your users. You may even select from among our list of many frequently requested niches, or petition for a new one that you would like to see.
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Banners and text links

Private Label Dating services thrive on the unique identity they present to potential customers. With Private Label Dating, you will receive a complete set of artistic tools to help you build your own brand image, including professionally designed banners and ads to assist you on your campaigns.
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Your own dating affiliate program

With an already established customer base, it is easy for your existing private label dating site to reach the exlcusive benefits offered to our top-performing affiliates. Platinum grade affiliates of Private Label Dating are invited into our special Master Affiliates program, allowing them to build their own affiliate networks who will feed additional traffic to their own personal sites.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Private Label Dating provides all our affiliates with a special toolkit to assist in targeting advertisement to both active subscribers and new members. Our administration panel allows you to easily place advertising content on the internal pages of your site, generating profits for every impression that occurs as a result of a user browsing to one of your pages. Even guests who are not registered on your site will become powerful revenue generators.

When a new user registers on your site, our private label dating platform will automatically initiate a stream of communications to encourage them to convert to an active subscription towars your site. Converting to a site powered by Private Label Dating will give you higher turnover rates for your registered users without any additional effort.

Our private label dating affiliates receive sites that are packaged with a powerful set of advanced e-CRM tools. This interface gives our members the flexibility to work with the technologies they feel most comfortable, whether it be our in-house analytic tools that are styled after the industry leading software, or your own third party tools provided by Google Analytics or another tracking service.

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XML member feeds

Private label dating sites which use our platform offer a unique XML-based member feed that is easy to hook into third party scripts and applications, allowing you to greatly expand the capabilities of your database.
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Affiliate commission structure

We offer multiple high-yield affiliate commission structures. With Private Label Dating, you can choose the market model that is the best fit for your private label dating site, helping you to make more money off of your site than you were before.
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Website content management

All the content on a Private Label Dating site is owned by the affiliate. To help you get the most out of your site, we have structured our platform to provide the maximum degree of customizability, giving you the opportunity to add or remove custom pages and manipulate the positioning of areas at will.
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Page rank among popular search engines are a vital component of building a successful private label dating site. To help you achieve the highest rank possible, the sites generated by Private Label Dating come in-built with powerful search engine optimization which will ensure that your sites get the recognition that they deserve. Our administration panel allows for complete editing of the content and raw HTML of your pages, giving you the flexibility to optimize your site to match your needs.
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By adding a forum to your private label dating site, you can gain direct feedback from your site’s members. Our forums give your web community everything they need to host lively discussions.
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Blogs allow your website to progress from largely static pages into the dynamic world of user generated content. Using Private Label Dating to atttach a blog to your private label dating site will make your users feel more loyalty to your site while simultaneously providing you another outlet for promotion and marketing.
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Localization is a vital aspect of building a site that will be successful in a multi-national setting. Our team of highly trained experts in localization services will ensure that your site receives superior treatment in all translations between languages. White Label Dating Services currently employs translators proficient in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Ducth, and we are always willing to hire more upon request.
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Currencies and pricing

Our private label dating sites feature a flexibile billing module which enable us to operate with multiple currencies and payment options. Our affiliates have the power to set their own pricing policy and choose payment options from among the many available, including credit card, bank transfer, and SMS payments.
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Customer support

Private Label Dating employs customer support staff 24/7, to ensure that your requests are always answered quickly and efficiently. Once you have joined our private label dating network, you will not need any additional staff to help you manage your site.
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