Established Brands

Private Label Dating employs a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in helping add value to your brand. By enriching the user experience of your private label dating service, we maximize your revenue and allow you to quickly turn a profit on your private label dating venture.


White Label Platform

Our flexible platform has the power to grant you a completely customized appearance for your private label dating site. When you become an affiliate of White Label Dating, you are building your own individual brand.

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Banners and Text Links

When you join Private Label Dating, you get more than just a website. We provide you with a full suite of marketing tools and help you design banners that will help you build brand recognition.

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Dating Affiliate Program

Once your site has established a steady customer base, you may be invited to join Private Label Dating’ affiliate network. Affiliates of White Label Dating not only continue to receive the superior services we offer, but are also able to recruit members to promote their own private label dating site in addition to Private Label Dating’ other top brands.

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With Private Label Dating, your database has tight integration with our private label dating network, meaning your users will have a wide range of active profiles to browse and interact with even from day one. By allowing your members to interact with profiles from across our many private label dating services, we ensure that they will have access to the thousands of new members who subscribe to one of our affiliates each day. You can even selectively filter the profiles your users can search by market, geography, age, or language, ensuring that the people your users see will always match your target demographic.

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Our flexible database structure makes it easy to accomodate your needs. Whether you wish to build a dating site around a well-defined niche, or become a trailblazer who experiments with a new approach to private label dating, we are ready to assist you with technological support and tips for maximizing the relevance and efficiency of your efforts and spending.

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Affiliate Commission Structure

Having started as affiliates of a private label dating service ourselves, we at Private Label Dating understand the difficult transition from startup to successful business. In order to ease this burden, all of our new members are given the highest level of commission for the first three months they use our White Label Dating platform. This affords all our customers the time to build a thriving brand and community before our traffic-based commissions kick in.

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Website Content Management

We believe that your website should be completely your own. For this reason, every single page on our private label dating sites is customizable by their owners. It is possible to add new pages unique to your site, modify the content and styling of existing pages, and even upload files or add tracking codes that help you analyze the traffic you receive. Our support team is always available to assist you in exploring the full capabilities of your administration tools.

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All of the websites provided by Private Label Dating come with fully functional discussion forums, allowing you to get direct feedback from your members and build a tighter community specific to your target market.

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Blogging is a powerful tool that has changed the face of digital communication. Harness the capabilities of this technology by using the tools we provide to quickly and easily set up blogging capabilities linked to your private label dating site.

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Private Label Dating offers a unique multilingual localization service. With a growing database of languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish, and Lithuanian, we can easily translate your private label dating site to be available in a native language or that of target market. New languages are always being added, and our support team would be pleased to accomodate specific requests.

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Currencies and pricing

The monetization system for Private Label Dating sites is as flexible as the platform itself. With support for multiple currencies and payment options, we allow you to set your own pricing policies for your site. Choose from a variety of payment models to find a system that best suits your particular market.

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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Upon signing up with Private Label Dating, you will be provided with an advanced toolkit for building your own banners and text ads.

Choose to populate the internal pages of your private label dating site with advertisements, and earn additional traffic-based revenue even from unregistered members. Banner impressions and clickthroughs offer you an easy opportunity to start earning capital from your site immediately.

Furthermore, our private label dating sites come equipped with a system to promote paid subscriptions from your users, reminding them of the benefits they will enjoy through upgrading their account automatically.

Affiliates of White Label Dating are granted their own set of e-CRM tools, allowing them to analyze traffic and assess the effectiveness of their campaigns in near real-time. With an interface based on industry leaders in analytic reporting, our tools are intuitive and familiar to many web developers. You can even add Google analytics tracking codes to your site to receive advanced breakdowns of traffic which supplement our existing membership reports.

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Private Label Dating sites are powered by a fully redundant hardware and software network. With multiple high-bandwidth server farms located in separate geographic regions, we are able to deliver the best browsing speed for all of our users. Our private label dating sites boast a 99.9% uptime, and use a third party email delivery service to ensure that the users of our affiliates receive all notifications sent to them.

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Customer support

Our technicians offer 24/7 customer support to you and your users. Our advanced technical staff is prepared to offer assistance with any questions posed about the features of your private label dating site by you or one of your customers.

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