Email marketing companies

Private label dating sites managed by Private Label Dating are the perfect opportunity to use your email mailing lists to promote a service to your opted-in members. Send potential users information about your site before they join, and quickly build a high-earning membership base for your site.


White label dating platform

Private Label Dating has a private label dating network with a unique system of integration. Relevant users can be filtered into the results of other relevant affiliates in our network, ensuring that your users have a wide variety of compatible matches from the day of your launch.
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The platform used for our private label dating sites has been carefully constructed to allow the greatest degree of flexibility in design and customization. You can use our simple tools to reorganize your site and add your own content, even without any prior web design experience.

For more advanced users, full editing of the HTML is available for all pages in your site. This allows you to embed scripts and other interactive features, and to have complete control over the structure and organization of your site.
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Referring other businesses

By employing special business-to-business promotion techniques, you can build your own portfolio of affiliates who can help you to generate income without needing to invest additional effort.
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Our private label dating service has been specially designed to allow our affiliates to target specific niches and subcultures. By applying a filter from our extensive library or creating your own, you can ensure that the users your members see are of the greatest relevance to their particular interests.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Private Label Dating sites come packed with a toolkit of useful applications and artifacts to help make your marketing campaigns a success.

From Day one, you will receive a set of high quality banners and text advertisements which will help you promote your site effectively. By placing advertisements on your internal pages, you can earn income even from guests who do not register through third party services such as Clickbank and Adsense. Because Private Label Dating has an entire affiliate network, we are able to leverage special group promotions that will maximize your yield.

Your private label dating site will also come equipped with a comprehensive analytic suite that allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaign in real time. With a look and feel styled after the most popular tools in the industry, our e-CRM tools seem familiar even on their first use.
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Affiliate commission structure

We understand that it can be quite difficult to start a new web community. Private Label Dating tries to make this challenging stage of the process less burdensome by providing all our affiliates with a three month grace period, during which they will automatically receive the highest level of recompensation for traffic they bring into our private label dating network.
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