Domain Name Owners

Many web entrepreneurs and domain name owners pride themselves on proactively registering popular and creative domain names that they can resell at much higher values. By directing these domain names to a private label dating site run by Private Label Dating, these businessmen can earn even more from their acquired assets.


White label Dating platform

Our private label dating platform is ideal for someone looking to quickly establish a successful site. We offer many tools that allow you to quickly build and customize pages, as well as a powerful private label dating database which connects sites affiliates in our network and allows your site to be populated with profiles from day one.
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With a domain specially tailored to a specific niche, it is important to find a platform that can support your particular needs. Private Label Dating offers a highly developed targeting system that allows you to filter database results to get only the most relevant users for your site.
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The private label dating platform used by Private Label Dating has been built to accomodate multilingual needs. Sites built with our private label dating service can be easily translated into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch by the professional translators who work on our team. We can even add additional languages upon request.
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Your own affiliate program

Members of our private label dating affiliate network who perform well may be invited to become a Master Affiliate in our Platinum Partner program. The individuals in this exclusive group receive the ability to refer their own affiliate network who will bring in additional revenue to your site with all subscriptions they gain.
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Internal Banner system

Private Label Dating provides all of our affiliates with professionally made banners built to fit your website. Choose to use our pre-made advertising kit and begin earning revenue immediately or take time and develop your own, the choice is yours.
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Tutorials are available from our top performing affiliates and from our support staff to help guide you through many of the common procedures you must follow to set up your site. These easy to follow guides will make the transition from parked domain to private label dating site as quick and painless as possible.
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Affiliate commission structure

Our flexible commission structure ensures that you will make money not only on your own subscriptions, but also on your ability to recruit new members to our private label dating affiliate network, maximizing your earnings with a minimal amount of work.
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