Affiliate networks

Private label dating site owners who build their sites through Private Label Dating receive the opportunity to push their own brand, not ours. We do not exploit our affiliates to grow our business, and do not force your site to display any direct external references to us. This allows you to be a truly independent business owner, creating an image that is consistent and attractive to potential users. As a member of our private label dating network, you can even form bonds with your own affiliates who will act under you on your own terms to bring you even more traffic and profits.


White label platform

Private Label Dating has a specialized system proven to outperform competitors in the private label dating industry. Building your site with our platform will help you receive high conversion rates that will make your private label dating site the highest-earning in your portfolio.
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Banners and text links

We understand that it can be hard to launch a private label dating site, so to help spread the word we supply all new affiliates with a comprehensive set of advertising artifacts, including image and flash banners, as well as videos and text that will help you attract an audience.
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Analytics and statistics

All sites built through Private Label Dating receive a powerful administrative toolkit for managing and analyzing site traffic. Real-time data about the behavior of visitors to your private label dating site will give you the power to assess the effect of your advertising campaigns as they are in motion, letting you put resources where they will be most effective. Our reports offer a look and feel inspired by industry leading tools such as Google Analytics which make them familiar and easy to use for our clients.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Monetization of private label dating sites is often a struggle for new entrepeneurs, which is why we assist our affiliates in the creation of marketing campaigns. We provide all of our affiliates with the tools they need to build revenue from their customer base, both through targeted marketing to your members to entice them into your subscription services, and with internal advertising through popular third party tools such as Clickbank and Adsense. With these features, even guest impressions will become a source of income for your private label dating site.

Because each Private Label Dating site comes equipped with its own e-CRM toolkit, our affiliates have the power to setup and control mass messaging to their customer base, informing them of new offers and features on the site. If our internal analyzing tools do not provide sufficient granularity for analyzing campaign effectiveness, our users even have the ability to easily integrate third party analytics and tracking codes to their pages for an even more complete perspective on their user response to marketing attempts.
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Affiliate commission structure

Private Label Dating understands that it is difficult to establish a stable community for your private label dating service. In order to ease this transition, we offer all new affiliates three months of automatic inclusion in our highest tier of commission, ensuring that you receive maximum revenue while you build your site.
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