Advertisers and Publishers

Private Label Dating is the perfect platform for advertisers seeking to build a database for behavior targeted advertisement systems. Members of our private label dating sites provide a great deal of information about their interests and demographics that allow you to effectively target them with your external campaigns. Benefit from constant real time data and statistics on members from across our private label dating network.


Users Database

Our private label dating database uses a unique system of integration that allows us to share thousands of relevant profiles across the sites of our affiliates.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Private Label Dating provides all of our affiliates with a comprehensive set of tools to help them build banners and text ads for marketing campaigns.

By placing advertisements on the internal pages of your site using a third party service such as Adsense or Clickbank, you are capable of monetizing traffic from all visitors, even first-time unregistered guests. With group rates negotiated on behalf of our entire private label dating network, you can gain even more potential revenue than would be possible with an individual account through these sites.

Your private label dating site also includes effective tools for analyzing the effectiveness of your optimizations. With advanced reporting on the volume and nature of traffic you receive, you can develop powerful strategies that take advantage of realtime data.
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Because Private Label Dating uses a database which has been built from the ground up for flexibility and customization, our private label dating sites are ideal for advertisers who seek data on customers in a particular niche. You can easily choose from among our extensive list of existing niches, or specify paramaters to create your own.
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Direct communication

Private Label Dating has dedicated staff who provide you with constant feedback and advice to assist you in maximizing your revenues and getting the most out of your private label dating site.Contact us