Adult networks

Private Label Dating is fully certified to host adult content on our private label dating sites. We comply with international law governing the hosting and distribution of explicit content, making us an ideal choice for your intimate dating sites. Our adult dating sites are proven to be some of the most effective on the market at bringing in and retaining users, translating into more profit for our affiliates.


Remote registration

With remote registration, our private label dating services have the ability to recruit members even before they visit your site. You can make contact with users and get them to subscribe to your service without any additional effort for you.
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Internal advertising and marketing to your members

Our private label dating platform comes packaged with a wide variety of tools to help you build professional advertisement campaigns. Upon joining Private Label Dating’ affiliate network, you will have everything you need to create banner and text ads for internal and external site promotion. By integrating a popular advertising platform such as Clickbank or Adsense, you can even receive revenue from ad impressions generated by guests and free registered users to your site. Even more, all users who register to your site can be contacted automatically by the server to explain to them the benefits of upgrading to a subscription membership, helping you convert new members to paying customers.

Our private label dating sites come equipped with their own suite of e-CRM tools. These web applications provide advanced analytic reporting for all the pages of your site, giving you all the data you need to efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Our e-CRM tools offer a very similar user experience to other industry leaders, making them familiar and easy to use even from the first day.
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Adult sites are often more successful when targeted to a specific sub-community or niche. Our private label dating platform is uniquely designed to allow for flexible and effective targeting of niche communities, optimizing your site’s database so that your users receive the most relevant results. Select from our database of pre-created niches, or easily build your own.
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Banners and text links

All Private Label Dating affiliates will receive professional quality banners to help them recruit new members to their site. Our creative staff works constantly to make sure our banners leverage all the latest trends in private label dating.
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Your own adult affiliate program

Our highest-achieving affiliates achieve platinum partner status, and are invited to join our Master Affiliate network. Members of this exclusive group have the ability to establish their own private label dating network, drawing in affiliates who will feed traffic back to their site in addition to our other top-quality dating services. Earn revenue from all of the affiliates in your network, simply by getting them to sign up.
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Easy payment options

Private Label Dating employs an advanced payment gateway which accepts a wide variety of payment options. Select from among many convenient payment systems like SMS and PayPal to allow even members who do not wish to use a credit card to easily subscribe to your private label dating service.
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Our private label dating platform has been built to provide full support to multilingual dating communities. Easily translate your site into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, or any other language you may require. All of our translations are performed by live professionals rather than computer scripts, ensuring you receive the highest quality text in your target language.
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With multiple redundant data centers, Private Label Dating offers an unbeatable record of uptime and connection quality. Private label dating sites we host offer blazing connection speed to their users, no matter where they are located. We have a team of dedicated engineers who work continuously to provide your site with everything it needs to stay running.
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Affiliate commission structure

Private Label Dating understands the difficulties of starting up a new business. We expect you to take your time building the best community you can, and to support this endeavour we offer all new affiliates a grace period of three months, during which they will automatically receive the highest level of commission we offer. This gives all of our affiliates ample time to build the top quality private label dating sites who bring consistent and positive traffic in to our dating network.
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